Long story short, farming is in my blood. I've spent a lot of time around it, whether directly because of friends and family, or through a wide variety of amazing people that I've met throughout my agriculture journey. During my childhood, my family had off-and-on involvement with cattle. We finished Holstein bull calves for beef, were involved in my uncle's cow-calf operation, and even had a random stint with a sheep living in our back yard. In addition to farmy critters, there were always an assortment of cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, and turtles in and/or around my house across the years..

Sadly, due to tragedy in the family, we ended up cutting our last ties with our farming operations in 2002. While we've been removed from farming for a while, my mother and stepfather recently bought 22 acres of riverfront property. Roughly an acre of it is devoted to the house and yard, and the rest of it is for them to do as they wish. By the sounds of it, I'll be back to full "farmer's daughter" status again in the next few years!

Throughout high school, I was invovled in 4-H. I raised rabbits, volunteered heavily with county agricultural and community service groups, served as an officer on the local and county level, and explored my passions. That included art. I never thought that my two great interests, art and agriculture, would intersect outside of the realm of hobby. My senior year of high school, I served as the president of the River Valley FFA chapter in its inaugural year. I was officially in love with ag.

On a whim in early 2009, I joined Twitter. By September, I was completely hooked. I wasn't only hooked, I was hooked on a specific Twitter community, known as AgChat. Because of AgChat and, later, the AgChat Foundation, I realized that my love of visual arts (which has explanded to visual communications and interactive media) and agriculture really could add up to something I could pursue as a career.

North Central College, where I major in Interactive Media Studies and minor in English, has no agriculture program. It just doesn't exist here. So, I have to rely on outside sources to stay involved. Social media has been pivotal for that.

When I'm not busy with social media, communications, or interactive media, I like to read. I also like to occasionally draw or paint, play the flute, and enjoy spending weekends on the river with my family and friends. Recently, I've also taken up golf. My favorite social media tools are Facebook and Twitter, although I'm a blog addict. I'd be lost without Midwestern Gold.

Someday, I hope to return home and marry my now-boyfriend, Timothy (also known as Farmboy, his semi-codename on Midwestern Gold and Twitter). We have been dating over six years now, and have begun talking about post-college plans and farmland. Until then, I'm focusing on my career, internships, and work experience.